Store (*almost) any filetype with a size up to 5GB for up to 24 hours. Cockfile cares about your privacy and stores NO logs.

*Due to malicious files being uploaded the following filetypes are not allowed: exe, scr, com, vbs, bat, cmd, html, htm, msi, dll.


ShareX:, config (import in ShareX to use cockfile as your default image, text and file uploader):


To upload using curl or make a tool you can post using:
curl -i -F name=test.jpg -F file=@localfile.jpg (HTML Response)
curl -i -F name=test.jpg -F file=@localfile.jpg (Plain text Response)


There has been a very brief period where uploads were logged, this was due to certain visitors uploading highly fucking illegal content to the service. However normally we don't log any requests.